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The place to come to find phonics games, teaching ideas, planning, assessment and subject knowledge to support teachers and teaching assistants. Hopefully this will help in delivering high quality phonics teaching whilst also reducing workload by cutting down the amount of preparation time that can be needed to get ready for the daily phonics session. No more endless printing, laminating and chopping up of flashcards and game resources! Although, you will find printables here too if you want them.

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Creating a spelling classroom

Spelling words is one of the very few activities in life where anything less than 100% correct, is considered a failure. A child can put a huge amount of effort into thinking about how to spell a word...

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Word sorting games

Investigating, exploring and understanding spelling conventions, often involves sorting words into categories. Therefore learning these conventions often involves sorting games.

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Rehearsal games

The effort that children put into learning to spell words can easily be wasted. If the learning isn't well and truly consolidated it will simply be forgotten and the child will be back to square one.

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Teaching children strategies for learning to spell words is incredibly important and providing lots of rehearsal opportunities is vital if words that have been learned are going to be transferred into long term memory rather than just forgotten.

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I once planned some CPD with a colleague who was a very knowledgeable literacy consultant and who knows more about literacy than I could ever hope to. On this particular occasion she had her left arm in a cast following a fracture.

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Children who are still working on the phonics phases, need to be taught at the correct phase for 15-20 mins each day. Without this they won't catch up. Different schools organise this in different ways.

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