General Resources for Teaching Spelling

Year 2 Spelling Planning units

Planning units containing suggested activities and subject knowledge to support the teaching of the new curriculum 2014. The plans are a starting point for teachers to build on and adapt to meet the needs of their own class.

Year 2 “Need to know” units

These 'need to know' units should take around two weeks to cover. One can be covered each half term (alongside a four week spelling unit).

The first unit 'Having a go at unfamiliar words' is aimed at setting up a classroom ethos, expectations and routines for having a go at spelling unfamiliar words in independent writing.

Other 'Need to know' units will cover high frequency and cross curricular words that children need to know to help support their learning in other curriculum areas. The actual words needed will be different in each class. The basic generic planning unit below can be easily adapted to suit any words. The only crucial factor when choosing which words to tackle is that they should be words that children genuinely 'need' to use (a lot) in their own writing. If they aren't going to be used straight away, these spellings are unlikely to be retained which would make learning them a waste of everyone's time.

Over time, example units and associated resources will hopefully be added to the site. Possible ideas for units include: Personal details (name, home town, school name, school name etc); Days of the week (it is a statutory requirement in the new curriculum that children are taught to spell the days of the week by the end of KS1); Numbers; Colours; Maths operation words etc.